Halgrath – The Whole Path of War and Acceptance


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

About a couple years ago, Halgrath, the project of the female artist Agratha Mirrait, emerged with “Out of Time”, a rather heterogeneous collection of dark ambient illustrations of her inner self. Presently, we are offered another glimpse into this intimate voyage that begins calmly with the “Acceptance of Inner Self”. This first step on the serpentine path to the Self bears the resemblance of a heavy walk, marked by stumbling and distorted sights. The air is thick and repressive, as the pounding beats of music fall massively down upon the walking ghostlike spirit.

The dark-industrial register shifts into a deeply organic space ambient on “Consecreation”. In terms of imagery the piece flows through the same caverns where Nordvargr is holding his ceremonies, due to its polished droning frequencies and thick, subterranean artistic forgery.

Agratha Mirrait nourishes on different sources, connected by a residual grain of despondency and sheer sadness, altogether aspiring to a definitive calming down of every element. Her inspiration or “Afflatus”, the following song, delivers melodies of a wistful beauty, where her voice dresses static apathetic drones. Certainly, she finds her influences from many now renewed actors in the scene, like in “The Opposite Mind and Mutuality”, a rough sounding amalgam of Dead Can Dance and Arcana for instance, but Halgrath empowers such a nice pastiche in her own tapestry.

Perhaps the project’s authenticity is mainly given by the solid treatment of drones in those hyper intensified moments, when their chromatism becomes so undistinguished that it seems to explode in our numbed mind. “Cold Breath of Mountains” is constructed on these luminescent slices of sound, collected from the elements around and concocted by a magic formula that is sure to bewilder us.

However, songs like the one mentioned above are challenging and the spirit should be rested by softer melodies like “Epic Journey and Oblivion”, before proceeding into another tunnel of the mind, like “Deep Immersion and Repose”. Here scarce noises, the effect of which derives from their hazardous collision, are made to disappear in the silence of a crow’s reprimanding voice.

Halgrath’s music comes from the elements and nature alike. There are moments when the absence of animal life and, in corollary, the sole presence of minerals and plants becomes overwhelming. And you will find again sufficient air to breath if you look above to the sky, because, as the conclusive song tells it, “Your Soul is Just a Particle of Stars”.

The Russian artist collected again these acoustic moments from her inner battle to accept herself and the world around her. There is here a delicate soul to be discovered and through its musical resemblances with your soul, you may find that we all come from the same star. Or not.

HalgrathThe Whole Path of War and Acceptance
Cryo Chamber
Digital 2014


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