[news] Click Click new full length album


[Peter Marks]

We don’t generally post about upcoming albums, but this one warrants some notice. Luton’s Click Click are readying their first new full length since 1997, aiming for a May release. This comes on the heels of 2011’s bruising EP “Skin and Bones” and is entitled “Those Nervous Surgeons”, no doubt in reference to the name which was used prior to forming Click Click. If you’re not familiar with what Adrian and Derek Smith produce, they were best known in the 80s for the massive club killers ‘I Rage I Melt’ and ‘Yakutska’. Click Click’s music is extremely difficult to categorize and is best termed as being quite versatile. Germany’s Dependent Records will be releasing “Those Nervous Surgeons” and have a long history with the band, having issued 1997’s “Shadowblack” when they went under the name OffBeat.

Sporadic live shows appear to be the order of the day, although some festival appearances would not be out of the question. Stefan Herwig, who runs Dependent plans to also have a limited edition version of “Those Nervous Surgeons” available to buy and is eying their rather daunting back catalog for re-release.


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