Space Aliens From Outer Space – Invade


[Reviewed by: Peter Marks]

A wittily constructed eight track album designed for late night play in the laboratory. The sounds of an armada slowly wending it’s way towards our planet, while the masses moulder away in front of their screens. Torino, Italy’s Space Aliens From Outer Space first appeared as an advanced guard for this impending invasion in 2011. Since their arrival they have put out an EP and now this record. One which is very well thought out. From the imperious design of their releases which reach out and grab your attention to the music which is sometimes minimal and at other points wildly colorful… no doubt is left in the mind of the listener that this bunch are following their muse no matter where it takes them.

You could be forgiven for viewing this as an elaborate farce, on the surface it does come across as a bit too whimsical to contain any true menace but as you continue to play it you can’t help but feel as though you’re being coldly observed. Orson Welles isn’t sampled on here, perhaps for the next album he will be. These plans are slowly and cunningly being drawn against us, so the question becomes one of intent and possible influence. Are these individuals attempting to expose what is coming or have they fallen under alien control and now exist merely as misinformation propagandists. So that about covers the angles which you could view this through, let’s get to how it sounds.

Vivacious, penetratingly imaginative and underhandedly catchy. This is purely synthetic music, these tracks spring out of the electronic spectrum and become like collapsing stars screaming out from the apex of the centrifuge, punching holes in the fabric of reality. I hope there are more instrumentals on the next one, and not because I don’t like the vocals, but because of what engaging journeys through the cosmos they are. Your mind is definitely taken on a voyage, even if your feet somehow manage to remain anchored to the ground.

I keep having the image of bubbling test tubes and elaborate chemical interactions proliferating in my head every time I play this, if thunder and lightning had a flavor it would be what’s on ‘Invade’. The bells slowly tolling from high up in the impregnable tower while a murder of crows flicker back and forth through the dead limbs of petrified trees. No one goes here… beneath the high walls a ship continues to slowly be constructed while the signal is sent out quietly.

Space Aliens From Outer SpaceInvade
self-released, sfs004
CDr 2013


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