Fecalove ‎– Void, Chaos And Cum


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Crucial Blast offers this work of Nicola Vinciguerra in 400 copies. For those who can’t bear it, there is plenty of sterilized pornography available on the Internet.

In the beginning the noise is arrhythmic. Lacking in any kind of coherence, it seems to spit forth anguish in no particular order. The track is called “Walking Toilet Bowl” and after some hilarious attempts to shape out a sound, stumbling in truncated noises, here it comes: an outburst of ear harassment of the harsh-noise spectrum that ends in balanced exploded frequencies.

The sooner you realize this is not jelly noise-for-noise’s sake, the better you’ll be able to see under the veil of incongruous malevolence and provocation. Because behind the less calculated condemnation of the present habits or morals in society, “White boy 2011” proves to have all the junk-noise of Bizarre Uproar shaped with the butcher’s tools handled once by the more aesthetically deformed mind of Atrax Morgue. A great terroristic and humiliating anti-metrosexual song!

This Italian manipulator loves to take hold of variations and even stops on drones and raw ambiances on “Professional Disease”. The track continues with dentated concrete sounds as if Luigi Russolo was endeavouring a BDN posture. You can accompany this highly erogenous listening with a close observation of the 3 posters that (apart from the booklet and even a badge) are included in the packaging: fragments of female bodies attained by moral and physical disease. A soliciting track using filthy noises as effervescent, metal and electrical buzzing that manage at best to annoy our habitual status of decency. After 17 minutes you may walk out the room pretending nothing happened, or sublimate the consequences by watching an exploitation movie.

If you can maintain the peak of an explosion on a relatively similar frequency, you are to hear this devastating wall of sound, standing between you and the rest of the world. Fecalove treats ironically enough this type of sound on “My Idea Of Fun Is Nuclear Holocaust”: a HNW vernacular followed by an old-school industrial pounding beat, slowed down into an insectiform finale. Vinciguerra, the man behind Fecalove, proves again his versatile understanding of composition as a method of controlled manipulation, affecting a pathogenic audio-treatment.

On the booklet’s images (Europeanized manga style) the women’s eyes are covered, cocks and semen are ever-present: “Cock Of Death – Cock Of Nothing” is a blowing-off track seemingly searching to release and eliminate frustration and sexual tension: the noise is dirty and gets all the more disgusting on his irritating discharge towards the end.

The next track’s title, “Void, Chaos And Cum”, is ontologically expressive and entomologically psychoanalytical mocking. However, I believe Vinciguerra has built the track on a rather concrete approach: the void inside and the chaos outside are eventually complemented by the act of ejaculation, liberating and eliminating the libido in an instant of pathetic catharsis. The song is brutally moving in harsh-noise loops nuanced by dehumanized noise. One of the most sexually correct PE tracks in the scene: anti-self-gratification.

“Darwin II” plays on massive slabs of electronics akin to japanoisers, but hallowed by European HNW nihilism. The record ends with “Gone”, a concrete-industrial vaudeville merged with retarded, gibingly rhythmic noise.

The whole picture here is abundant, Rubensian in colors and sadistic in expression; all the more, it carries a brutal view of concrete realities in its sarcastic and vicious aesthetics (a surprising thought judging by the booklet).

Fecalove ‎– Void, Chaos And Cum
Crucial Blaze, BLAZE005
CD 2012


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