2013 Through My Eyes: John Zewizz [Sleepchamber]


“John Zewizz is the founding and sole permanent member of the Industrial/Techno/Tribal band Sleep Chamber as well as a video producer, record label owner (Inner-X), and magazine publisher (The Other Sound). Since the late 1970’s John released a huge catalog of cassettes, LP, and CD’s.”

How would you summarize this past year on artistic and personal level?

The Past Year….haz really been the Most Chaotic ov my Life…I Think. …But I always Think that. Well, I’m going to have to think backwards now….Just left a Relationship with a Girl 37 Years Younger than Myself…Ya, I Know…But Romance iz Paramount in my Life. It happened..She went home…a month went by…and We Broke Up..It waz More than A Fling…She Lives in Israel, Since We were going to Play a Show there…She asked if She could Visit while in Boston..”Sure”…She stayed a Week and went home. It sort ov evolved itself. Phone-calls…E-Mails…WE Bonded … then Broke up… This Summer…Lets See..SLEEPCHAMBER finished a New CD. I Planned on Ending SLEEPCHAMBER in its 33rd Year…Israel iz going to be Perfect too !!…We were going to play Tel Avie, Israel on November 1st…but Some ov The Band still have not Received their Passports yet…so we are moving The Show Date up to sometime in January…early Feb..(SLEEPCHAMBER will be 33 years old by Oct. 31.) Its only one Exclusive Show…I waz Getting ready to hang-up SLEEPCHAMBER…and this timing iz Perfect…We Finished a New CD Release..its called ” SHIMHAMFORASH”…its spelled about 4 different ways…I want to Release it at the Tel Aviv Show. I mean at this point…Trying to Push your New Release iz Pointless. At least with SLEEPCHAMBER. We Sell a Certain amount ov Releases. It does not matter if I promote it or not…People either Love us..or Hate us….Buy or Not…Its Strange…but Anxiety free.

What album you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2013)?

Musick I Listen to Most ??… What spare time I have for ‘Listening to Musick’ iz rare. I do like some ov the More Aggressive Techno…That early Analog Synth ..Heavy Percussion…and Gutzy Guitar…I Like some ov the Russian & German styles Most…Post “Front Line Assembly” (style)… There are a few with Girl singers !…YES !..I Love Treated Female Vocals…Very Sexy ov Course…and Heavy Industrial Rhythm. I can not think ov any Names…but I know, they are also using Models with Blue or Purple died hair on the Covers. Slick.

What was the best cultural experience not related to music?

Most Cultural Experience…Oh, this iz going to be eazy…The Israel Girl ov Course …I Learned a little Hebrew…(maybe 3 words)…One ov the Most Attractive things about this Girl waz ‘Her Accent’…I Loved hearing an Exotick Womans voice. When you hear english all the time..not much in audio pleasure iz out there. I Am Really Attracted to Foreign Female Voices. I Have No idea Why…But this Year it waz a Middle-Eastern experience culture wize for Me. We Spent up to 7 Hours a Day on the Phone…Like a High School Romance. Just like 2 Teen-ages … We would talk about ‘Nothing’ for Hours…There waz a very Big Culture Difference I had Fun discovering. But Something Like Romance…Just makes it Eazer…and Worth It. I Waz Born in England…but I am such a fiend for ‘Other’ Cultures. I Love Learning about the Rituals, Religious beliefs, Superstitions, History, and Taboos ov All Cultures.

And best trip? Most beautiful or magic place you visited this year?

I Would Love to Answer this Question so Badly…I waz Going to Make Something up…but sadly..I really have not been in such a place in awhile. Food for Thought…Thank You.

What was your greatest disappointment of 2013?

Well, just seeing that things Are Getting Worse Everywhere. I think we are doomed to a Depression. Its the only way to Recover from all the Bullshit the Bankers & Governments have managed to screw us with. I Hate Politics…but its Unavoidable if You are affected by Bullshit. The Musick industry iz in a Deep Fall…its Impossible to sell Products ov any kind Now. With all the FREE Downloads…Bootleg Downloads…MP3…Its all going to cause an Evolution in Musick like Never before.I would say…in the Next 5 years…You Will See a Fall….. If You can’t Sell Your Musick….How many People will be Making Musick Independently ?
I Can See this Clearly…The Musick Industry iz on the Brink ov Disaster.

Did you learn anyting particular this year?

Not to Date Girls…Any Less than 20 Years Younger than Myself…and to find Myself a MAGICKAL Place to Visit..(thanx)

Plans, hopes, expectations for 2014?

I am releasing the New SLEEPCHAMBER (and Last) Release…”SHIMHAMFORASH”…by Spring 2014 and Playing the Exclusive Show in Israel.

I am working on Nothing Else….(I usually work on at least 4 or 5 things at once)..But You Will See all my Efforts focused on this Merging ov the new CD and The Show in Israel az One big event. It will be the Very Last Thing done under the SLEEPCHAMBER Name. The Show. After that…I start another Project. I Have Just Had Enough SLEEPCHAMBER For 33 Years That I can take…..

Slepchamber website

John Zewizz’ Vimeo channel

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