2013 Through My Eyes: Rafał Iwański [HATI / X-NAVI:ET]


“Rafal Iwanski a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET is a sound artist, a percussionist, a curator and an ethnologist. He creates electro-acoustic music combining sounds of electronic devices with acoustic instruments and found/field recordings.” [Artist’s FB]

How would you summarize this past year on artistic and personal level?

I think it was one of the best years for me and also for my friends cooperatong with me in other projects… On the 1st day of 2013 it was release of DVD/CD ‘Aqualuna’ (by video artist Anna Pilewicz and me), first serious audio-visual project I’ve been ever involved. We died hard to prepare this production on time… In April Belgian label Idiosyncratics published third album of HATI & Z’EV -‘Collusion’ , but what is the point – it’s our first material recorded together with Z’EV in studio. And my favourite one, I think…… Next good thing which happened was reedition of HATI’s ‘zero coma zero’ “classic” album from 2005 by Zoharum – on CD and also in limited edition in fantastic wooden box, including tapes, CDs, cards and other nice gadgets… In August Voices of the Cosmos II was finally published, it contains recordings prepared mostly in May 2013 in Planetarium in Grudziądz by Wojtek Zięba a.k.a. Electric Uranus and me with professional support of astronomer Sebastian Soberski. It’s the second and probably last part in this series of our explorations of “sounds from cosmos” clashed with electroacoustic music… Next CD was the long awaited new HATI album ‘Wild Temple’, recorded with special guest Sławomir Ciesielski, great percussionist and drummer of legendary Polish rock band Republika. We recorded this acoustic material in 2010 (!) in Torun in big military objects from 19. century… Last thing is my new solo album published in late October on 12″ vinyl (and also on tape) as X-NAVI:ET ‘Dead City Voice’, with artwork of Ewa Bińczyk, also with a special edition of 33 copies including intaglio prints signed by her, and it seems this artistic experiment has been very good idea… And in Summer I had opportunity to participate in two great recording sessions, both were arranged in beautiful places. First was session with Innercity Ensemble – 7 musicians – we worked on material for 2nd album in nice palace near Bydgoszcz. And second one with Kuba Ziołek of Stara Rzeka – we worked on recordings for 1st album of our duo KAPITAL in beautiful forest in Bory Tucholskie region… In 2013 I played live quite intensive – solo, with KAPITAL, and also with PRSZR and Innercity Ensemble… About personal level – maybe next time…

What album you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2013)?

It isn’t possible to mention only one album… But there are several albums I listened very often and I think I will listen again, there are incredible recordings:
– Pascal Comelade / Richard Pinhas – ‘Flip Side (of Sophism)’, 2012,
– Column One – ‘Präsident Der Sonne’, 2010,
– Reinhol Friedl/Michael Vorfeld – ‘Pech’, 2005,
– Nico + The Faction – ‘Camera Obscura’, 1985,
– Voice of Eye – ‘Substantia Innominata’, 2008 (10″ vinyl)

What was the best cultural experience not related to music?

For me one of the best experiences was an exhibition entitled Max Ernst. Lover of Imagination. Books and Drawings presented at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow. Almost 200 drawings created by Ernst for works by Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp, Franz Kafka, Kurt Schwitters, Antoin Artaud, Lewis Carroll and others. I think its my favourite surrealist and one of the most intiguing visual artist from 20. century at all…

And best trip? Most beautiful or magic place you visited this year?

Visiting woods and musroom picking… I mean especially in beautiful woods near the city of Toruń and the district I live. It were really magic moments of late Summer and early Autumn.

What was your greatest disappointment of 2013?

One of the worst thing is always shallowness of some people. And also this year some people I know strongly disappointed me, but maybe it’s not so big problem because everybody has his own mind and life and I can’t decide about how do he/she thinks, works, etc… In the worst case I can stop to meet and cooperate with them, so it’s not too bad…

Did you learn anyting particular this year?

Every day something new… I hope to die not so stupid… 😉

Plans, hopes, expectations for 2014?

I’m looking forward to concerts with HATI – at festivals we are invited – in Poland, Turkey, Germany. I feel our come back to playing live, after one year of break, will be great thing… About my electroacoustic activity: I hope that X-NAVI:ET ‘Dead City Voice : Remix Project’ will be out in first part of a year… But for sure in early March CD of duo KAPITAL ‘No New Age’ will be out in Bocian Records and we will play a tour with Kapital / X-Navi:Et / Stara Rzeka in more than 10 cities in Poland. And in February of 21 new double album of Innercity Ensemble (by Instant Classic) will be available at 6. CoCArt Music Festival – a festival curated by me and my partner from HATI – Rafał Kołacki. We will play there too – concert with Innercity Ensemble, which is always very special thing, because we play with this “supergroup” something like 3-4 shows in every year… More info about upcoming CoCArt Music Festival here: http://cocart.pl/

photo by Natalia Miedziak

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