2013 Through My Eyes: Pepijn Caudron [Kreng]


“Kreng is a device used for soundtracks. Most of the work is linked to the theatre group Abattoir Fermé. Records are released through the Miasmah label. Kreng is supervised by Pepijn Caudron.” [Artist’s FB]

How would you summarize this past year on artistic and personal level?

Taking a different direction in what I want to do. After scoring 10 years for theatre and working with samples I felt a bit stuck…. I needed a new challenge and found it. Scoring for film is a different world to me and a very rewarding one too… Also my sound sources are shifting, which, to me, is a good thing.

What album you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2013)?

I listen to as much music as I possibly can, so it’s very hard to pick a favorite one. Sometimes it just depends on wjat mood you are in. If I had to pick one record it would by ‘Rites’ by Paul Jebanasam. I was deeply impressed by that album. Kaboom Karavan’s ‘Hocus Focus’ also pretty much blew me away. I’ve also digested an lot of Mahler this year.

What was the best cultural experience not related to music?

Only God Forgives (but that’s actually very related to music….)

And best trip? Most beautiful or magic place you visited this year?

Hmmm… I hardly ever go out…. I really am that miserable person you’d imagine behind this bleak music…. However: that may change in the coming months. Let’s hope so. I do think LA is a fabulous place and I’d like to spend more time there in the coming years.

What was your greatest disappointment of 2013?

Not being able to finish a new album because I have so much other stuff going on. And realizing that I am the only one to blame for this. It all has to do with making choices and trying to earn a living at the same time. Tough call…

Did you learn anyting particular this year?

Fuck yeah… I’m pushing 40 and I feel as if I’ve never learned as much as in the last 3 months. That actually feels great. I feel like a new world of music is opening up for me.

Plans, hopes, expectations for 2014?

Writing more music for film, finishing album Nr. 3, more collaborations, better health.

Kreng Facebook

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