2013 Through My Eyes: Claus Larsen [Leæther Strip]


“LEAETHER STRIP is the solo-project of Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. Discovered by the German techno artist and producer Talla 2XLC, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90’s.(…)”

How would you summarize this past year on artistic and personal level?

On an artistic level it’s been one the best years for Leæther Strip yet. My dream of a USA tour finally came true, and we’ve had the most amazing concerts all over the world. “My Serenade for the Dead II” album was a massive success and we also got booked this year to play both Australia and Mexico next year. I also manged to almost finish up my next Leæther Strip album „Æscapeism” coming first half of next year, just composing the last song for it as I write this. On a personal level we didn’t have such a great year, serious illness in the family and we also lost loved ones, but we are not letting this get us down, we learn from and enjoy each day, and try not to worry about the future, we’ll kick the problems when we get to them. Kurt and I will celebrate the first 20 years together next June and our 16th wedding anniversary. We’re so blessed to be able to enjoy and share everything the music is leading us to. We love to see the world and we meet so many amazing people. We often talk about how much we’ve experienced since my live comeback in 2009. It’s crazy, really. We’ve played in about 30 countries in that period.

 What album you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2013)?

The album „Fearless” by the Icelandic band Legend. Love that band and we’ve played shows with them 3-4 times this year, and the boys are really great, now they’re our friends too. If you get a chance to see them live, you cannot miss it, they are amazing.

 What was the best cultural experience not related to music?

Because we’ve been so busy this year, there haven’t been time for much „culture”. We always take time to walk around the cities we play in to get the „feel” of the places, the life and form memories, but peace and quiet, our little family, and walking our dogs out to our favorite nature spots, is the most important for us.

 And best trip? Most beautiful or magic place you visited this year?

We fell in love with Gran Canaria, so we’ve been there 2 times this year and will go again for Christmas and New Years, that little beautiful island offers all we need. And I need the sun to keep the black clouds away too.

What was your greatest disappointment of 2013?

Putin’s new homophobic laws, that the world doesn’t seem to care about at all, and it seems that people are just becoming more and more hateful.

 Did you learn anyting particular this year?

That mentoring a youg person is simply amazing and rewarding, for both parts.

 Plans, hopes, expectations for 2014?

That my kidney will fit my Kurt’s system so he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. New album, lots of concerts incl. a 3 week USA tour in May. Happy holidays and a safe new year to everyone Hope to see you on tour somewhere.





Booked Leæther Strip + Klutæ shows so far:
Leaether Strip
8 February CANNES (F) Industrial Festival Cannes
1 March MEXICO CITY Strip/Klutae double show
17 April FRANKFURT (DE) Das Bett w/ Decoded Feedback a.m
19 April DRESDEN (DE) Bunker w/ Decoded Feedback / Klutae
24 April BRISBANE (AU) Fiend Fest Australia
25 April SYDNEY (AU) Fiend Fest Australia
26 April MELBOURNE (AU) Fiend Fest Australia
May USA/CAN tour in Planning
9-10 August M’era Luna (DE)
15-17 August ALT_FEST (UK)
Look above
North/South America: booking (at) darkersideoflight.com
Rest of the world: leather_strip (at) vip.cybercity.dk

One response to “2013 Through My Eyes: Claus Larsen [Leæther Strip]

  1. Claus! Good to hear from you. I’ve been enjoying Untold Stories immensely as it’s gotten colder, that Object AEP’s been getting some serious airplay here also. It probably won’t happen but if the retention
    series could ever resume, that’d be excellent. Best to you both.


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