2013 Through My Eyes: Martin Bowes [Attrition]


“ATTRITION are pioneers in a darker electronica. Formed in 1980 in Coventry, England, influenced by a mix of punk ideology and experimental art aesthetics, they emerged as part of the early ’80’s UK Industrial scene alongside contemporaries Coil, Test Department, Legendary Pink Dots, In The Nursery, Portion Control. Founder Martin Bowes has steered the band through a 30 year career, fueled by a succession of critically acclaimed albums…and selling over 60,000 to date.” [Attrition FB]

How would you summarize this past year on artistic and personal level?

It’s been incredible… The…long awaited… new ATTRITION album was a milestone for me… and the debut ep from my side project ENGRAM… and i have been involved with so many musical projects in my studio, The Cage… as producer or mastering… Since i opened the doors full time it has changed everything….
Personally things are great too… amazing wife and 2 growing kids… the best part of it all…

What album you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2013)?

I have so much music in my head every day i dont seem to play any one album all that many times… but whatever new music excites me… i always go back and play older music…
Let’s say The Fall – Live at the Witch Trials ….an amazing album… and still as valid today as it was in 1979.

What was the best cultural experience not related to music?

I began making a documentary on my life with ATTRITION with my friend and film maker Daniel Gouyette from Paris… it’s the start of a long journey… we went and interviewed people here in my hometown for backgrounds to the story…and regardless of who or what this is all about it’s been fascinating…

And best trip? Most beautiful or magic place you visited this year?

That was easily the lake District…here in the north of England… i went there with my wife Kerri and my 2…rapidly growing… children… a beautiful place… mountains and lakes and a real fire in the cottage at night… and almost no internet access for a week…. i loved it 

What was your greatest disappointment of 2013?

Nothing to do with music and all to do with our political system… I don’t know if you heard…but the Red Cross have been handing out food parcels to people here in the U.K….for the first time since the second world war…. it’s got that bad… and something better change…

Did you learn anyting particular this year?

I learn things every year… every day…. it’s what keeps us alive

Plans, hopes, expectations for 2014?

So much to do… I kick off with a video and 6 track remix ep for One Horse Rider… a song from the ATTRITION – Unraveller of Angels… I am writing 2 new ATTRITION albums, completing the ENGRAM album… playing with Rossetti’s Compass… working every day on production and mastering for other bands…. and then setting up shows and tours all over the world… we start that with a show in Belgium with The Arch and Dirk Ivens… in Breendonck on January 11th…

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