Tholen – Sternklang


[Reviewed by Iaha Crax]

One –track records are always a challenge that we tend to diminish with a hypocritical narrow scrolling. Moreover, if this song goes beyond an hour of listening you may wish to end it more quickly and enjoy something else or mourn your winter repressed megalomania in silence. It’s impossible not to stare the time display, so I made the mistake of discovering the 71-minute length of the record here presented.

The work of this artist named Eisen, Sternklang is built on slow-motion tonalities on a drone-ambient form layout behind them. The first part captures a cavernous stalactite sound pouring telluric analog voices in incantation-like speeches. These are gently carried out on the surface by soft melodic arpeggios, tainted here and there with astronomer’s messages that place this sound happening on another celestial body. This magical encounter with the cosmos is celebrated with the help of some digitalized archangel voices underlined by misty bells sounds, on the background of the evanescent ambiance.

Here melodies that might soar are held back by gravity, as if the musical journey is not meant to be ended in the empty space. The frequencies are moving calmly, regardless of threatening or remorphing passages. The sound gains almost nothing in intensity, but is efficiently adorned with different nuances or more likely shades of a specific greyness.

The passage from one image to another is made naturally, like when you’re travelling by train and the landscape is unconsciously changing. This flawless coherence makes the record even more enjoyable and suitable for a real-time sojourn.

“Sternklang” plays more on changing musical shapes and altering spaces and refuses in musical terms major conflicts. Such a formal declining of evolution or absence of climaxes and even of recurrent musical themes renders paradoxically the record a whole of musical journey into the stillness of space.

Tholen – Sternklang
Cyclic Law, 20th Cycle
CD 2007

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