Attich Ebulum Official Tracklist & Teaser II

Santa Sangre Sounds is proud to present the official tracklisting for the “Attich Ebulum” compilation, as well as a second teaser made by Russian visual artist Igor Vaganov, who is also the designer of the compilation cover. 

Aghast Manor – Red–haired Jezebel
Allseits – October
Anatomia de Vanitats – Reflector
Angelic Foe – Senoy, Sansenoy, Semangelof (mix by Peter Bjärgö, 2010)
Anna Murphy – Ciri
Anni Hogan – Strange Beauty Part 2
Artefactum – The Sorceress
Astrakan Project – Pemp Bolot
Aura Noctis – Esperar La Esperanza
Bathory Legion – Opus Omnia (Chaos–acoustic piano)
Cages – Diamond Mouths Kiss Diamond Eyes
Caroline Jago – Renaissance
Cétieu – Murmuration I
Daina Dieva – Insect Crown
Darkrad – Sleepwalking
Desdemona – In Flames (Troum Remix)
Elinros Henriksdotter – Joy No Reason
Elizabeth Veldon – On Passing a Rowan (For Nicky Who May Be a Witch’s Familiar)
Euski Candela Amor – Quick
Evi Vine – Inside Her
Fylgia – A Heavy Fall
Gazelle Twin – I Turn My Arm
India Czajkowska – Black Horizon
Karin Hoghielm – Hagia Sophia
Kirlian Camera – Black August
Kuupuu – Shandy
Lahka Muza – Pribeh Smutku
Lamia Vox – Witches Night
Leah Buckareff – Ochre
Louisa John-Krol – Escalder
Madame B – Hobo
Monica Richards – Enchanted Mirror (PurrMix)
Pod Blotz – WewereThere
Poppy Ackroyd – Ground
Promise And The Monster – Slopes
Sewer Goddess –Lights
Sui Generis Umbra – Executrix
Tara Vanflower – I Lost The Moon
The Blue Project – Day By Day
The Floating World – An Old Dream
TER – Untitled


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