Deceased Superior Technician – Computron


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Ok ok ok, I’ll put this one down. Difficult though it may be, I have had to hit stop on my player in order to cover this newcomer from Tucson, Arizona. Screw it, back on it goes. We’ll do this one with the tracks blaring, always a good time. Believe me, this fellow has got some serious chops to be doing what he’s doing. The progressions integrate perfectly, the basslines ensnare you and oh yes, the atmospheres bring it all home in glorious full resolution. Gotta give him props for using a Transformers character to title his album with, not many may remember this one but I owned the team which made him… All right then, time to get into it, even though this is not the only project Heichelbech has it’s definitely the most fleshed out.

And by fleshed out, I mean tear your flesh out. Go read his site and marvel at the single minded aggressive nature of DST’s manifesto. The T-1000 has a soundtrack, my friends. A series of vignettes to eradicate humanity with, leave no stone unturned; burn this motherfucker to the ground. Solid, sleek, built like a case-hardened steel wall; this is yet another spark in the dark electro world which may help get the party started again. You know, how it was in the 90s before the trends and travesty of pop music overran the barricades. ‘Computron’ is a marauding menace just out of range of the city lights, a malevolent harbinger of decimation to come. But despite the direct nature of what he composes, you aren’t ever going to reach for the skip button.

Would you like to know more?

Elements of trance, techno, house and even that scallywag EBM are blended together in perfect amounts to produce thirty three of the most addictive minutes you will ever listen to. This is instrumental, people. No yelling or rasping is going on, a cerebral manipulation of cybernetic connections and the timed out server humanity keep trying to access but have been banned from. Prophetic sampling brings us to the mournful conclusion which is aptly titled “Extinction”. In this world, the androids stop to have a cigarette amongst heaps of bodies. A failed experiment in biological evolution, time to pull the plug and begin again.

Driving mechanical anthems for technology’s minions, cue it up and prepare to be hunted down. This guy has an extremely pessimistic outlook for our future; he’s poured a lot of creativity and imagination into the seven tracks on this record, far more than what gets shat out by the majority who’d be happier with a high facebook count or moderator tag under their screen name. Oh hell, I almost forgot, DST already have a newer release out which I haven’t even heard. He’s prolific and polished, everybody and it would behoove you to pay attention. The sound of things to come, the emotional misery of machine and man antagonizing each other by the very nature of their love/hate relationship.

Deceased Superior Technician – Computron
Digital Release, 2012

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