Contest #13: Results + Gallery

First of all, thank you all for the participation, the photos were so cool, that if there would be such possibility, we’d give you all a CD. Well, maybe next time. But we had to draw one winner, it’s Florencia Lanzano. Congratulations! Below you can see some of the photos we received. The island of cuteness on this dark and postindustrial sea.

Last but not least, stay tuned, because another contest will be announced sooner than you expect!

photos by Florencia Lanzano:


photo by Marek Łubek:


photos by treuvine:



photo by Andrzej Ciarkowski:

skrzypek Baz

photo by Mateusz Sasin:


photo by Alana Perlin:


photo by Georgiana Stegaru:

Howling at the moon

photo by Lyndall Johnston:

Facebook photonj

photo by Marc Adams:


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