Words And Actions ‎– Time Can’t Be Turned Back [English]


[reviewed by / autor recenzji: John Pearson || ENG]

This Italian duo release here a compilation album, with tracks lifted from the cassettes ‘Life Of Farewells’ and ‘Can’t Feel’, released in 2011, with the remaining tracks taken from a VHS entitled ‘Imperfection’, put out the following year.

As already indicated, the formats by which they’ve released their previous material indicates a raw, grainy aesthetic to their music. Words And Actions hark back to the sound of underground 80’s European electronic and post-punk music, and make no secret of it.

A quick description of their influences would be to imagine a much bleaker Martin Dupont mixed with the rigidity of Deutsche-Amerikaner Freundschaft, though with more emphasis on polyphony rather than songs revolving around rhythm alone. If familiar with the work of Trisomie 21 or Kas Product, then a comparison is most certainly relative too.

The musical approach of Words And Actions is entirely synthesiser driven. Though regarded as a ‘minimal synth’ band, there is plenty of space for texture, and each individual voice and note works towards creating a poignant, lugubrious atmosphere within the refrain of dark pop songs. Over this a dreary vocal that sings in a partially broken English, typically dystopian and exactly what you’d expect from coldwave music.

“Time Can’t Be Turned Back” won’t hit the spot straight away, but on a repeat listen becomes quite infectious, not only down to the ability to create the right atmosphere, but to give it a valid sense of motion through consistent, straightforward songwriting. Essentially, that is the hallmark of something of high quality, its ability to ‘grow’ on the listener, rather than a quick infatuation that surely turns sour. All in all a very good tribute to its influences that doesn’t neglect the capacity for artistic and expressive possibility.

Words And Actions ‎– Time Can’t Be Turned Back
CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
FinalMuzik, FM18

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