“Cure for the soul” – Interview with HIDDEN PLACE

author: Valentine Wiggin

We invite you to read the interview with Italian electronic/new wave project HIDDEN PLACE. Enjoy!

Hi! How is the weather now in Italy? Could you stand the heat?

Ciao! The weather in Italy is very nice! Starting the spring we really enjoy our mediterraneum temperature. You should come here and see how nice it is.

In which kind of Hidden Place would you like to take your listeners?

Everybody has his/her “Hidden Place” inside himself/herself. It’s a place of meditation and reflection, a sort of microcosm where we try to “act” in a way highly intimate and pure and naive through our music, our harmonies,our sounds.

Your music remind me a lot of Kirilian Camera. What’s your opinion about such comparisions? Are they justified?

The 80’s and 90’s Kirlian Camera have influenced us a lot. It s a great band and we are so glad that you compare Hidden Place to them. Many are of your same opinion, but, in your humble opinion, what let reminds a lot of Kirlian Camera is the SaraLux voice… don’t you think so?

Is there some band in Italy with which you would like to cooperate?

We have cooperated and we’re still cooperate with The Frozen Autumn. They are really great and nice friends of us. Before the cooperation for us is important have an healthy and sincere friendship. Those are things that there is beetween Hidden Place and The Frozen Autumn. The same is for Egida Aurea(italian neo folk band). We are close friends to them and we re so happy to stay in touch always each other.

Tell me something about your latest album “Weather Station – early works”. I know it’s a reissue of an album released in 2005 – are there any differences between both releases or is it pretty much the same stuff?

“Weather Station” is a reissue of our early works. The album contains our first demo “Weather Station” plus unreleased versions and songs appeared on compilations. We are really tied to the first period of the band remembering how it was difficult recording with instrumental stuff not very good. When you have to do with instrumental stuff not really professional, you do your best to let sound everything good and this its been very emotional! We want thank Gabriel from Twilight Records to release those our old work and we are totally satisfied of the result.

Is there any ideology behind Hidden Place works? What kind of reactions you expect from your listeners?

The “creation of our art” is the end of our action, considering it a sort of cure for the soul. Many elements like Art, literature, philosophy etc act together becoming the right ingredient for our music. We are the expression of ourselves hoping the listener feels the same our feeling and emotions. Our advice to the listener is to listen of our music during a spring night with a glass of italian wine

Are you or were you members of any other bands or projects?

Three of us were members of a neo folk band called Lupi Gladius. Then we wrote only a demo(4 tracks) called”Lucania”. This happened before Hidden Place’s birth until SaraLux joined us.

Which bands or artists inspired you before HP was created?

A lot of bands inspired us, also because we are very passionate records collectors. Bands and artists that we love are Joy Division and many bands from Factory Records, Kraftwerk, Ultravox, Death in June, Slowdive, Chameleons, Cocteau Twins and most 4ad label 80’s band, the 80’s italian new wave and many others….

Do you like to play live?

Yes, we love play live but its not the most important thing for us. First thing for us is immortalize our music on records and after it playing live. This is a good way to promote your music and also you have a lot of fun. By the way, if some promoter is interested for our gigs, just contact us at following email: hiddenplaceinfo@gmail.com There are many new suprises for our new live performances.

Are you guys close friends in private life?

We are really close friends even if for job reasons we lived distant each other. We go out together sharing music, fun, football and, as ever, yummy food!

Question to SaraLux. How do you feel to be the only woman in band? What is it like? I suppose you are the leader, don’t you?

SaraLux: It is thanks to this concept that arises ELECTRO FEMINA, my project for women, who sees the woman in electro music. In a band everybody has a particular importance, my voice is an instrument as can be a synth.There is who creates music,who sings. I feel a good medium for Hidden Place, I try to translate emotionally and in a way female my musical message, which can be understood in a way personal and different.

What are your musical plans for the rest of this year and 2013?

Lately we are working on our fourth album. We are so excited for it.We are giving all ourselves for it and great international artists collaborate with us. It will be an album rich of suprises! Also we rehearse for our new live performance.We can say, we are working on two directions.

Thank you. Last words are yours.

We thank you for your interest in HIDDEN PLACE. We appreciate it a lot!… And a huge thank you to all our fans that always support us!


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