Best of 2011: Epilog [PL/ENG]

PL: Zamykamy pomału zeszłoroczne podsumowania – na koniec zapraszamy do zapoznania się z faworytami kilku znakomitych muzyków, tym razem jednak bez szerszego rozwinięcia, same typy.

ENG:  Time of annual summaries on our website came to an end – this is the last “best of 2011” entry where you may read about few fantastic musicians last year’s highlights , this time though without any comments, only titles.

Olegh Kolyada (First Human Ferro / Oda Relicta)

1. First Human Ferro “Homo Shargey” New Nihilism
2. First Human Ferro feat. Albireon “Prosa Profana” Nitkie
3. First Human Ferro “Stardust” Nitkie
4. Oda Relicta “Lux Aeterna” Twilight Records/Gradual Hate Records
5. Oda Relicta “Saint Sebastian/Sphinx The Perched” Midnight-Productions

Apart from my own records the top ones are:

Death Industrial/PE
1. Deutsch Nepal “Amygdala” Autarkeia
2. Deutsch Nepal “Rapist Park Junktion” Autarkeia
3. Alfarmania “Hålögd Insikt” Autarkeia
4. Brighter Death Now “Very Little Fun” Tesco
3. v/a “GOD BLAST AMERICA!” Tesco

Dark Folk/Martial/Liturgical/Ambient
1. Silent Love Of Death “Donde habite el olvido” Gradual Hate Records
2. Omne Datum Optimum “Les Moissons Ecarlates” Cynfeirdd
3. Atrium Animae “Dies Irae” Projekt
4. Kriegsfall-U “Untitled” Epidemie Records
5. Golgatha: “The Horns Of Joy” Trisol

Yui Onodera

Minamo – “Documental”
bajune tobeta + evala – “white sonorant”
Fennesz – “Seven Stars”
Brian Eno – “Drums Between The Bells”
Radiohead – “The King Of Limbs”

Simone Salvatori (Spiritual Front)

1 other lives – “tamer animals”
2 mariachi el bronx – “II”
3 noah and the whale – “last night on earth”
4 the black angels – “passover”
5 bon iver – “bon iver”

Rene Lehmann (Inade)

AUTECHRE EPs “1991-2002” 5xCD
BIOSPHERE “Substrata” 2xLP
BLOOD BOX “Funeral in an Empty Room” CD
DEADBEAT “Drawn And Quartered” CD
HERBST9 “Usumgal Kalamma” 2xCD
LOSCIL “Coast/Range/Arc” CD
S.E.T.I. “Baikal” CD
TOR LUNDVALL “Seasons Unfold” 4xCD

Nicholas Tesluk (Changes)

Favourite CD’s:

Cadaverous Condition – “Burn Brightly Alone”
Faun – “Eden”
“Mit Fester Hand” – Allerseelenlieder Compilation
Nightwish – “Imaginareum”
“Oakfolk” – Compilation

Favourite movies:

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”
“J. Edgar”
“The Immortals”

Favourite books:

Walter Isaacson – “Steve Jobs”
Michael Connelly – “The Fifth Witness”
Michael Connelly – “The Drop”

Nathan Youngblood

Steve Roach: “Back to Life” (Box Set)

Numina: “Subterranean Landscapes”
(featuring a song by me!! my first production since “Asunder”!)

Loren Nerell & A Produce: “Intangible”

Nebulae: “The Path of the White Clouds”

Brian Parnham: “See None, Hear None, Speak None”

Soriah: “Eztica”

Steve Roach/Brian Parnham: “The Desert Inbetween”

Steve Brand: “Subtle Movements Inside”

Seren Ffordd & Oophoi – The Martian Chronicles

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